BY-U301 Data Assistant for MacBook Read Write Backup Repair

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BY-U301 Data Assistant for MacBook Read Write Backup Repair

Introduction to U301 and applicable models

  • 1. Used to read and write USB_C ROM chip data (CD3215 and CD3217)
  • 2. U301 contains the original ROM data of the 2016-2020 USB_C chip, a total of 26
  • 3. The Type_C circuit of the MacBook adopts the 5V-20V boost process. If the ROM data of USB_C is damaged, the motherboard will only have a 5V power supply.
  • 4. When the power supply of the MacBook motherboard changes from 0V to 5V, it means that the USB_C ROM data is damaged.
  • 5. Use the U301 tool to write the ROM data of the corresponding model, so that the motherboard power supply is normally boosted to 20V

Applicable models

  • 1. Applicable to all MacBooks with Type_C interface from 2016 to 2020
  • 2. The USB_C chip of the MacBook from 2016 to 2018 uses CD3215
  • 3. The USB_C chip of MacBook from 2019 to 2020 uses CD3217

The board number, ROM chip and year corresponding to the machine
A1706 820-00239-A U2890, A1706 820-00239-A UB090 2016
A1706 820-00923-A U2890, A1706 820-00923-A UB090 2017
A1707 820-00281-A U2890, A1707 820-00281-A UB090 2016
A1707 820-00928-A U2890, A1707 820-00928-A UB090 2017
A1708 820-00875-A U2890 2016
A1708 820-00840-A U2890 2017
A1932 820-01521-02 U2890 2018
A1989 820-00850-A U2890, A1989 820-00850-A UB090 2018
A1990 820-01041-A U2890, A1990 820-01041-A UB090 2018
A1990 820-01814-01 U2890, A1990 820-01814-01 UB090 2018
A2141 820-01700-A U2890, A2141 820-01700-A UB090 2019
A2251 820-01949-07 U3060, A2251 820-01949-07 UB260 2020
A2159 820-01598-A U2890 2019
A2179 820-01958-A U3060 2020
A2289 820-01987-06 U2890 2020
A2337 820-02016-A UF260 2020
A2338 820-02020-A UF260 2020

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LCD Screen Grades

ConditionDescriptionLCDGlassFlex CableFrameAppearance Intactness
Aftermarket BasicChina LCDJKAftermarketAftermarketAftermarketNew
Aftermarket StandardFlex Cable ReplacedOriginalAftermarketOriginalAftermarketNew
Aftermarket SelectedGlass ReplacedOriginalAftermarketOriginalAftermarketNew
Original PullsPull From Used DevicesOriginalOriginalOriginalOriginalNew Alike
OriginalOriginal Equipment ManufacturerOriginalOriginalOriginalOriginalNew

In Union Repair store, we grade our iPhone screen into 5 different types of quality on the basis of different material assembled. The following is the full details of each condition.


After Market Basic

It is with widely accept major complaint replacements for original parts, which keeps a right balance between price and quality. It has sustainable supplying chain in China, and all the components of the screen are copy quality. Typically, the LCD screen is from several different factories, the most popular 4 on China market are JK,AUO, LongTeng, and ShenChao. By comparing the brightness and sharpness of the LCD, we found JK is the best quality among them and the second best is AUO. No doubt, the other components on the screen are all copy.


After Market Standard

It is better than After Market Basic cause it comes with original laminated flexes and the LCD panel. Other components like touch panel, frame(hot pressed), backlight, polarize lens, and OCA is all copy from different factories.


After Market Selected

The core components (like LCD and flexes) is 100% original pulled from used iPhone while the frame and touch panel is copy. The touch panel and frame come together with cold pressed glue and assembled together with the LCD by the capable third-party factory which keeps its excellent quality. 


Original Pulls

No doubt, it is tear down from used iPhone with all the parts 100% original and working perfectly just like an original new screen, it has whatever the original new screen has. The only complaint about this quality is that some of the displays are with 1 or 2 scratches but still be welcome by our critical customers who are requiring good quality.


Original New

It is 100% original from Apple-authorized factories like Toshiba, Sharp, and LG. We get this kind of screen from the first level dealer. The touch panel of the screen is oleophobic coated which prevents from fingerprints when using your iPhone. And starting with iPhone 7g, the backlight from different authorized factories comes with a different code. Backlight from Sharp has the code begins with DKH/CON, from Toshiba begins with C11/F7C/FZQ, from LG begins with DTP/C3F. 



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