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How to upgrade the ToolPlus iCopy?

How to upgrade the ToolPlus iCopy?

How to upgrade the ToolPlus iCopy?

Recently ToolPlus has updated the iCopy with more battery detection. There's some guys have brought the old version beofre, now need to upgrade the iCopy to compatible the battery detection model.So here's the detials fo how to do it:

1,  Download the software:https://mega.nz/#!BfgjwKxZ!0Ba...

2, After download and install the software.

3, Open the software and click the "UPDATE".

4, Click "SEEK OUT", and then choose the patch to "Select the device". (PS: the patch was on your download installation package.)

5, After all the above steps, now you need to contect the iCopy machine to your Computer. NOTE!! when you contect to the computer, the iCopy will automatic startup, BUT!! now you need to turn off the machine, so please click the "OFF/ON" button to turn the iCopy off.

6, OK now times to the most important. Pease long press those 2 buttons at the same time: OFF/ON and Read .

 (Make sure the machine was turn off.) 

7, Then the iCopy will turn to the Updatung page, like this:

8, After the Updating page appear, need to click the " Enter update mode" on the software.Now waiting for the Updating, after it finished,the iCopy will automatic restart, then all done.