Notice on the suspension of DHL export package service under 5KG (including 5KG)

February 1, 2021
Notice on the suspension of DHL export package service under 5KG (including 5KG)

        After receiving a complaint from Hong Kong DHL, there is still a relatively prominent issue of low-declaration shipments recently. In order to improve this situation, the agency decided to suspend the package service of less than 5KG (including 5KG) for the following countries-Switzerland (CH)
So far: Hong Kong DH has suspended shipments of packages below 5KG:

United Kingdom (GB), Germany (DE), Portugal (PT), Spain (ES), Austria (AT), Romania (RO), Nigeria (NG), Finland (FI), Czech Republic (CZ), Hungary (HU), Slovenia (SI), Bulgaria (BG), Poland (PL), Turkey (TR), Switzerland (CH);
          In addition: the suspension of the entire country's services are Qatar (QA), Peru (PE), Azerbaijan (AZ).

And refuse to accept all watch shipments (including genuine products), as well as various brands of refurbished/unauthorized mobile phones and iPhone mobile phones without invoices.
          Please inform the customers and colleagues about the above, and reiterate: the sender must absolutely comply with the real transaction value to make a declaration, to prevent any low-declaration shipments, and DHL everywhere is strictly controlling low declarations (normally not less than 32USD). Prohibited items and other problem items, please be sure to ship as required to avoid affecting the shipment of other normally declared shipments. Thank you for your cooperation~

        In view of the above DHL notice, the UR website now updates the order weight information. Orders with a weight of more than 5KG can be placed. attention please.

PS: We are already on holiday, so the order will be scheduled to be shipped after the holiday ends. Please be patient.
     Thanks for your support.