Screen Grades

Generally speaking, depending on the materials used, the quality of the parts can be separated into different categories. In union repair store, we have 4 grades for them in particular.


It is the widely accepted major compliant replacements for original parts, which keep a good balance between price and quality and has sustainable supplying chain. Normally it was Tima or JDF.

Mainly supply for the repair shop customers

OEM Grade A

It is with its core components (like LCD, IC chip) be 100% original, while its non-core component (like glass lens, frame) be the best original compliant materials, which are assembled together by the capable third-party factories.

Mainly supply for the repair shop customers

Original Pulls

It is almost the same with new. The only difference is that it is tear-downed from a completed phone with all the working function perfect. And the more critical standards applied to the products' cosmetic inspections, by the request of branding needs of many our customers.

Mainly supply for the repair shop brand customers

Original New

It is 100% original manufactured. We get this kind of parts from the first level dealer.

Mainly supply for enterprise level customers