April 22, 2017

You can purchase from SendOwl and immediately obtain the serial number and password


ZXWTEAM software download link:

ZXW Tools v3.33 latest version – September 23, 2023


Link to register ZXW V3.0 account:   https://t.zxwsoft.com/user/FastReg.aspx?l=en-US

The ZXW team just launched ZXW V3.0 which needs no dongle anymore. Instead of using the dongle, now all you need is the Serial Number & Password, but the issue is that the SN. and password have to be sent manually by email which comes with a delay, especially when there is a time difference between China and foreign countries. So we are trying to set an automatic SN. & Password sending system through SendOwl. When you made the payment(only PayPal accepted) through SendOwl you will receive your SN. & Password immediately.

ZXW V3.0 Automatically renew

XZW V3.0 software download

ZXW online account register


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