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Mechanic iRock 5 Boulder Glass Breaking Pen for iPhone X-11 Pro Max Rear Glass Repair Mechanic iRock 5 BOULDER IROCK GLASS BREAKING PEN for iPhone X-11 Pro Max HUAWEI P/Mate Series
Mechanic 004 IC Chip Glue Remover for Phone Repair Scraper Tool Set Features Crescent Knife for iPhone A8 A9 A10 A11 A12 CPU BGA chip.  Crooked Knife Disassemble Cleaning Pry tool for mobile phone motherboard sealant glue.  UV Glue Cleaning Tool and crooked shovel Knife for...
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 Mechanic GK8 Multifunctional CPU IC Glue Removal Blade  Innovative technology for removing glue from pads, creating a glue removal blade that won't damage the pad. when removing the glue, it can provide better protection of chip's pads no damage and no solder joint dropped. Feature:...